So I have switched to Windows

Well, I have ended up switching to Windows 7 as my main OS.  Linux has been not working out on my computer because of a few problems. So for now I have switched to Windows and even though it is not my choice, it will have to do. I have just realized that my computer actually runs faster under Windows (I am also going to start using ReadyBoost with my flash drive). My laptop just has bad compatibility with Linux so I think that until I get another laptop, or the hardware with my laptop. What this means is that I will probably post more Windows tips than Linux, because a VM won’t work with 2 GB of RAM comfortably.

Just wanted to tell you guys so you won’t keep wondering.

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About RJ

I love computers and technology, currently trying to learn a little bit of programming, oh and I have a crazy love for office supplies!

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  1. I feel you bro me to but I think that windows is not bad I kinda like it

    • @viking350, I don’t think Windows 7 is bad, I just think that it would be nice to be able to use the OS that I want to use. I love Windows 7, remember I beta tested it


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