Adding RAM really does help!

So, many people may know about one of the parts of your computer that is called RAM (or Random Access Memory). This is used by your Operating System (and sometimes other hardware in your computer such as a graphics card) to store temporary files, but the reason it is not stored on your hard drive is because these files generally are better read from more quicker, and RAM can be accessed a whole lot faster than a hard drive (although, if you have a SSD hard drive, those things are REALLY fast). When your Operating System needs these files (such as files for programs), it can access them much faster using RAM. Now, most Operating Systems can use part of a hard drive for RAM, like Windows has a paging file, or Linux has swap partitions. So when you run out of RAM, it can use this. Now this means that when you buy more RAM for your computer, you avoid using the slower Hard Drive, and I believe that is what the results you are seeing when you upgrade the RAM. Right now, I believe it is common for computers to have at least 2GBs of RAM pre-installed. My laptop came with this amount installed and for my birthday, I decided to get more RAM for my computer. I was able to upgrade my RAM to 4GBs! Now there was one thing blocking me from using as much of that new RAM that I could, and it was the fact that I was using 32bit. Once I reinstalled Windows, only using 64bit this time, my computer had a drastic speed boost and it feels great! So I recommend getting a RAM upgrade for your computer if it feels very slow. I guess the next step in improving speed would be to get an SSD hard drive, but those are kind of expensive, and you don’t get as much space for the same price (because there much faster being they are not mechanical). Also, upgrading RAM is one of the easiest upgrades you can get for your computer. There are many tutorials on the web for you to view.
Just remember that you have to get the correct RAM for your system, and each system can hold different amounts of RAM (mine for example can only use 8GBs), the site I used to get this information can be found here. This site will tell you a whole bunch of information about your computer, including how much RAM you have already, and how much more you can get, and what type you will need. I bet if you was to print the results page and take it to most computer hardware stores (ex: Altex, Best Buy), they will be able to help you purchase that RAM, and your manual that came with your computer should also help you install new RAM.

Good Luck, and I hope you are as happy as I am with the upgrade



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