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Why you should jailbreak your iOS device

Jay Freeman (or Saurik as most of us know him by aka the creator of Cydia) has put together a video explaining why you should jailbreak your iOS device. In this video, he shows some of his favorite tweaks that he has gotten from the Cydia Store

Some of the tweaks he used in this video are:

  • Voicemail Forwarder – send VM’s through eMail

    WinterBoard – custom themes, icons, sliders etc.

    (probably) LockInfo – information like calendar on Lockscreen

    (probably) Color Keyboard – customize keyboard colors (buttons and background individually)

    And the ones mentioned previously:

    SBSettings – quick toggles

    Five Icon Dock

    Graviboard – icons move/jiggle on gravity

    Barrel – The homescreen scroll animation while going through all app pages


Apple going to release 4.3.3 soon?

Apparently Apple is planning on releasing another iOS update in a few weeks that is supposed to fix tracking issues in iOS… most likely they will also be patching up the untethered jailbreak from iOS 4.3.2/4.3.1 so jailbreakers and unlockers might want to be cautious and not “accidently” update when the time comes, this would also be a good to save your SHSH blobs for 4.3.2 if Apple is planning on sending an update and you are planning to apply the update (SHSH blobs allow you to downgrade to the firmware you have them for…).

From Apple’s Q&A on Location Data

Software Update
Sometime in the next few weeks Apple will release a free iOS software update that:

  • reduces the size of the crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower database cached on the iPhone,
  • ceases backing up this cache, and
  • deletes this cache entirely when Location Services is turned off.

In the next major iOS software release the cache will also be encrypted on the iPhone.

So, what do you think about this? It seems that Apple has been adding a lot of revisions to the 4.3 software update, and surely there are more to come!

PwnageTool updated to 4.3.2 to jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 Untethered

PwnageToolRecently the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2 was released, but Mac users who didn’t want to update their baseband was having to resort to finding a way to run Windows to use Sn0wbreeze to save their basebands. Well that is no longer the case because the Dev-Team have released the new version of PwnageTool (it’s version 4.3.2 and it jailbreaks 4.3.2, I wonder if that is a coincidence…). The jailbreak instructions are the same for creating your custom firmware… but I don’t own a Mac so I won’t be able to post a tutorial 😦

You can download the new PwnageTool through the official Torrent here (yes you will need a Torrent client)

Link to the Dev-Team post

Sn0wbreeze updated to 2.6 (untethered jailbreak for 4.3.2)

Sn0wbreeze by ih8sn0w has just been updated to version 2.6 which can jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 untethered! This utility allows you to preserve your existing baseband by creating a custom firmware file. It works for all devices on 4.3.2 except the iPad 2.

You will need your firmware file for 4.3.2

All you need to do is choose the Expert Mode (even though it is very simple) and choose the appropriate options that you want and then choose Build IPSW, it’s very simple and I’m sure even new users could do very simply

The new firmware file will be placed on to your desktop and when you click “OK” Sn0wbreeze will guide you into DFU mode, then go into iTunes and hold shift on your keyboard, and click Restore… choose the custom snowbreeze ipsw file that it put on your desktop, iTunes will then restore your iPod, and you will be jailbroken!!

Untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2 is out!! (Redsn0w)

UPDATE: iPhone 4 users are reporting issues with the jailbreak, the dev team is working on this, for now you might just want to stay away for a little bit. iPhone 4 issues have been corrected and can now successfully be jailbroken using redsn0w rc14

So just minutes ok, the dev team updated redsn0w to rc14 that includes the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2, the new redsn0w can be found at the iPhone Dev Team Blog!

Get it now while it is fresh and hot off the press!!

I knew it was just a matter of time 🙂

TinyUmbrella Updated!

Finally, TinyUmbrella has been updated to include support for saving your SHSH Blobs for iOS 4.3.2. There is a slight bug with Cydia’s servers so right now the only way to save your blobs for 4.3.2 is to get them straight from Apple. To do this you need to go to the Advanced options and there should be an option to get them from Cydia, just uncheck that box and you should be able to save them. This new version of TinyUmbrella has a new feature to visit their blog when updates come out.

The new version of TinyUmbrella can be downloaded here

How to restore your iPod/iPhone/iPad to iOS 4.2.1 from 4.3

If you are like me, you immediately upgraded your iDevice to 4.3 when it was available. Now you are probably thinking, you miss your untethered jailbreak and can’t wait for a new one, or you are being driven insane with the iPod pixel glitches (That annoys me the most!). The solution is to downgrade back to our trusted 4.2.1 (or any other firmware)! Now, you will need your SHSH blobs saved in Cydia for the firmware version you want to downgrade to. I decided to downgrade to iOS 4.2.1. A warning though, if you want to restore to backup, you will need to have one for the firmware version you downgrade to. Sadly I didn’t know this and saved a backup for 4.3, but after restoring, iTunes told me I couldn’t restore the backup because I have older software 😦 Make sure you also know the location of your firmware file (you can find download links on google).

Step 1

Put your iDevice into DFU mode, you can do this by turning your device off (with it plugged in already) and holding the power for 3 seconds, then hold the power and home button for 10 seconds (your screen will go black with no text or anything on it sometime during this step) then hold only the home button for 15 seconds (or until iTunes gives you a message saying that it has found a device in recovery mode)

Step 2

(Make sure iTunes is closed now) We need to change your hosts file, you will need an Administrator account (I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t give you instructions on how to do this, but Google is your best friend!) . Open your start menu and go to All Programs > Accessories > Notepad (On Vista / Windows 7, Right click the program and Run As Administrator) and go to File > Open and go to My Computer, then go to the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and under the file type (Where it says “Text Documents”) change it to “All Files”, you should then see a file called hosts, open it and insert this line at the bottom

Then go to File > Save


Step 3

Open back up iTunes and click on your iPod on the left side under “Devices” and hold down Shift and click “Restore” (on Mac you hold down the Option key), iTunes will ask you where your firmware file is. iTunes will then start restoring your iPod as normal, if you don’t have your SHSH blobs saved in Cydia (on Cydia at the top of the homepage it would say “SHSH: iOS <insert firmware version here>”) you will get an error from iTunes. At this point you should be done except for one more thing, when your iPod is done restoring make sure you take out that line of code we put in the hosts file (follow the step 2 only remove that line that I told you to put in instead of putting it in).


That’s it! See you later!