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Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal has been released!

Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal, has finally been released! The main change in this release is the drop of the Netbook Edition as it has been merged into the desktop edition (which means it uses Unity by default!), it also now Firefox 4 (As it has for the past few Alphas and Betas) and Banshee as the default music player, and LibreOffice has replaced OpenOffice 🙂

Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 Screenshot

Get it here while it’s hot (No really the download / update servers are being overloaded so you might want to use the Torrent option)!

P.S. Since it has been released I will be taking down the countdown banner 😦 we all had fun counting down and partcipating on the Natty Narwhal Development and Testing thread on Ubuntu Forums, but all fun must come to an end, but we can all look forward to 11.10!


How To: Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 using Redsn0w (Tethered)

So, just recently, everyone found out that Apple hadn’t patched the jailbreak found in iOS 4.3.1 for 4.3.2, this means that you can jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 using redsn0w (It is tethered right now, but the untethered will be out soon hopefully). It works on all iOS running 4.3.2 except the iPad 2 (and the Verizon iPhone I believe). All you have to do to get the jailbreak to work is make sure you have your firmware file for 4.3.1 and when redsn0w asks you for your firmware file, choose the 4.3.1 firmware. Then run the jailbreak as normal. When it is finished you will notice that you can’t open Cydia (or Safari), this is because it is a tethered jailbreak and you need to run redsn0w again, this time using the “Just boot tethered right now” option. When it asks you to, put your device in DFU mode and it will boot your device up 🙂


I will have a YouTube video up soon, it is in the process of uploading right now 🙂 The Video is up!

iOS 4.3.2 / 4.2.7 (Verizon) Released!

Today, Apple has pushed out the update for iOS 4.3.2 (or 4.2.7 for the Verizon iPhone), currently I don’t think there is a jailbreak, although some are reporting success with Redsn0w (Tethered though)… Make sure you save your SHSH blobs for 4.3.1 before you update (Actually, do it now, Apple will stop signing them soon!) I will update you guys when I figure out what Jailbreaks are available for 4.3.2 🙂

Also… Unlock (And sources say… Factory Unlocks too!) users, stay away from this update!!

Update: It has been confirmed that Redsn0w can jailbreak iOS 4.3.2, but it is tethered, you must point it to your 4.3.1 firmware file though!


iOS 4.3.2 to be released next week?

The people at BGR have got their hands on to a unreleased version of iOS, this time it is iOS 4.3.2 which they are suspecting to be released next week.

This version of iOS is suppose to have a fix for connectivity issues on the Verizon iPad 2, and to fix FaceTime issues, and security issues (I haven’t had any though… I guess I must be lucky :))

If you are using a jailbreak / unlock, make sure you stay away from this update when it’s released until further notice… I feel sorry for the Dev Team, it was only last week that the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 and they are going to have to possibly make another one!

Redsn0w updated to rc 12, adds Animated Boot logos for 4.3.1!

So earlier the jailbreak tool, redsn0w was updated to rc11 rc12 to include Animated Boot Logos for iOS 4.3.1 🙂

Redsn0w 0.9.6rc11

You can download redsn0w for Windows and Mac at the Dev-Team Blog



Update: Redsn0w has once again been updated, this time to rc12 which fixes some issues with custom boot logos

Gnome 3 (Gnome Shell) Released!

At 3:00 PM today, Gnome 3 was released!  Screenshots of the new release are available at the Gnome 3 website here. On their website, you can also find Live USB/CDs of Fedora and openSuse to try out Gnome 3 🙂 They also have a YouTube channel here that shows some of the new features in Gnome 3 .

Also, there seems to be a PPA available for Ubuntu 11.04 users here, but be aware you can’t run Unity and Gnome Shell, once you install Gnome 3, it will break Unity. That PPA however is considered unstable until the release of Ubuntu 11.04


If you are an application developer, be sure to check out the Gnome Developer Center

How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 (Redsn0w, Untethered)

UPDATE: If you rely on a Unlock, you should stay away from redsn0w and use sn0wbreeze or PwnageTool, at this time I don’t think Ultrasn0w is working 😦 Ultrasn0w has been updated to work with iOS 4.3.1, if you need an unlock, you should use PwnageTool or Sn0wbreeze to make a custom ipsw (Firmware file) with a preserved baseband to unlock.

So this morning Sn0wbreeze, Redsn0w and PwnageTool were updated to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 Untethered. I will be showing you how to jailbreak using Redsn0w (Windows, but the same instructions apply for Mac). The only devices it doesn’t support is the Verizon iPhone and the iPad 2. Don’t forget with all of these tools, you will need your stock (uncustomized) 4.3.1 firmware file 🙂 By the way, it’s super easy! The hardest part is putting your device in DFU mode, but it will walk you through it!


  1. Download Redsn0w from here
  2. Unzip the zip folder
  3. open the redsn0w executable file (If you are on Windows Vista / 7 you might want to run it in compatibility mode for XP and as Administrator)
  4. Browse for your firmware file
  5. Click Next and let it process your firmware
  6. Choose your options (Recommended to just Install Cydia, and if you want Enable Battery Percentage)
  7. Click Next and power off your device (Make sure it is plugged in first though)
  8. Follow the instructions to enter DFU Mode and hold the home button until you see the running code on your iDevice

And that should be it, Redsn0w will jailbreak your device and it will install Cydia. Now you can enjoy your tweaks and the untethered jailbreak!

Redsn0w and PwnageTool updated to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 (Untethered!!)

So just a few hours ago, PwnageTool and Redsn0w was released to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 untethered! It is all over twitter and YouTube!! You will need your firmware file and one of these programs. You can find many tutorials on how to jailbreak over the internet (Yes, lots of us waited overnight for the jailbreak), and I will try to make a redsn0w tutorial when I get home later (its the morning over here). So go get redsn0w or pwnagetool and start your jailbreak!

Supported Devices (All Devices except Verizon iPhone and iPad 2)

  • iPhone3GS
  • iPhone4 (GSM)
  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPod touch 4G
  • iPad1
  • AppleTV 2G (PwnageTool only for now)

Download Links:

PwnageTool (It’s a torrent so have uTorrent or BitTorrent installed)
Redsn0w (Windows / Mac)

See you later!

Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 1… I love it!

So on March 31st the first beta of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal came out so I decided to download it and try it out. To my suprise, Unity is not that bad, and it’s pretty stable on my system. I am loving the new features that have been included, and the refreshed look makes me feel good! Some new things in this release are:

  • Unity Love Handles
  • New Ubuntu One Interface
  • Ratings in Software Center
  • Firefox 4
  • Some new wallpapers
  • Dash is working correctly

I don’t want to really write a review since it is still a beta, but I think you should at least run the Live USB on your computer (a lot of people are having graphics drivers problems though) and see how it works for you 🙂

Ubuntu 11.04 is scheduled to be released on April 28th

A screenshot of my desktop (Click for full size)

My Unity Desktop

My Unity Desktop

Do you need webhosting?

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Thanks @MrAjsTech!


P.S. I have just created a new message board here that you can check out, link also in the sidebar