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TinyUmbrella Updated!

Finally, TinyUmbrella has been updated to include support for saving your SHSH Blobs for iOS 4.3.2. There is a slight bug with Cydia’s servers so right now the only way to save your blobs for 4.3.2 is to get them straight from Apple. To do this you need to go to the Advanced options and there should be an option to get them from Cydia, just uncheck that box and you should be able to save them. This new version of TinyUmbrella has a new feature to visit their blog when updates come out.

The new version of TinyUmbrella can be downloaded here


iPod Touch 4G Review

So for Christmas I got an iPod touch, and I love it! I can now browse the web around the house without taking my laptop that has about almost two hours of battery life. It’s an awesome upgrade from my iPod nano and I love to be able to play with awesome Apps. I got my first phone for Christmas and it isn’t a smart phone but my iPod helps me add my “smart” functions! The screen is awesome and I can read clearly with it. The screen and back attract a lot if fingerprints, but I got a screen protector and a nice case for it. I love having my first iOS device and I would hate to have to give it up. I can also type really well on the portrait keyboard and it also can auto replace if I type something wrong. I am even typing this on my iPod using the wordpress app. I love the features and available apps. Hopefully it stays awesome and overall I give this device five stars, although I haven’t tested battery life because whenever it looks low, I have my charger. It would be nice if apple didn’t take out the battery percent option, now I would have to jailbreak to get that option which I might get when they get an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1, but I love my iPod touch and can see everyone I know loving it, and trust me, everyone at school has at least some iPod touch. But I hope I’m one of the only people who can say there’s has a retina display! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

Russell checking out!