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Why you should jailbreak your iOS device

Jay Freeman (or Saurik as most of us know him by aka the creator of Cydia) has put together a video explaining why you should jailbreak your iOS device. In this video, he shows some of his favorite tweaks that he has gotten from the Cydia Store

Some of the tweaks he used in this video are:

  • Voicemail Forwarder – send VM’s through eMail

    WinterBoard – custom themes, icons, sliders etc.

    (probably) LockInfo – information like calendar on Lockscreen

    (probably) Color Keyboard – customize keyboard colors (buttons and background individually)

    And the ones mentioned previously:

    SBSettings – quick toggles

    Five Icon Dock

    Graviboard – icons move/jiggle on gravity

    Barrel – The homescreen scroll animation while going through all app pages